Favorite Summer Interior Trends for Fort Collins Homeowners

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Whether you’re hitting the food trucks in City Park or tubing the Poudre, Foothills Painting hopes you’re enjoying the beautiful Fort Collins summer. Haven’t found enough summer activities to keep you busy? Fear not, because we are excited to share some of our favorite summer interior painting projects with you! Below are some fun summer projects (big and small) that are guaranteed to spruce up your home… if not just your schedule!

Windows Open Painting

Need some change in your home? This relatively easy and affordable project is a fun way to give your home some spontaneous change. While it’s a big undertaking to change the paint job on the exterior of your home, you can change the color of a room on a whim. Not sure what color your room needs? Just open the window and look outside! Inspired by the trees? Then maybe a gentle green. Are you a sunshine lover? Perhaps a warm yellow. Whether you opt for the bold pink of the blooming wildflowers or a subtle sky-blue, leave the windows open while you paint and enjoy the smells and sounds of summer. This project is fun for the spontaneous who want to give a natural summer look to their home!

Refurbish a Yard Sale Find

Hop in the car with some friends, roll down the windows, and go on a treasure hunt. If you’ve exhausted all of your summer adventures, this super easy project is for you. Go find a yard sale, enjoy being outside, and find that antique that would look great in your home. Not only will you have fun cruising the city in search of a yard sale, but you’ll have a blast bringing an unwanted item back to life with a new paint job. This one is not only a smaller commitment compared to changing the color of a room, but extremely affordable – depending on how well you can bargain at the yard sale!

Paint Your Own Flower Decor

Summer foliage is all around you! Get outside and pick some beautiful Colorado wildflowers that will be the perfect decor in that one room that needs a little extra something. Add extra flare to your flowers by hand painting whatever you keep your flowers in. This is a fun way to give your room some spunk, as well as some great smells!

Make a Bold Start to the School Year

Want to start the school year on a fun and energetic note? Add some color to the small details of your home. Bold trim will shake you out of the summer ‘slowdown.’ A fun twist to a bookcase will encourage you to finish all your new reading! The possibilities are endless, and you’ll be surprised at how a little bit of color in the small details of your home will excite you back into school mode!

Want to begin your own summer project but don’t quite know how to start? Call Foothills at  (970) 286-0060. We love serving the Fort Collins area, and would be more than willing to help you start your project today!

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