Information on Boulder CO

Boulder, CO is a great coastal town on the shore of the pacific. Sometimes called Surf City USA for its many beaches, surfing is a central part of Boulder’s culture.

Things to do in Boulder CO

There are many things to do in Boulder CO. they include;

  1. Surfing

This is the number one thing to do in Boulder CO. There are many beaches and each has a different vibe and character. I recommend heading up to Boulder Reservoir – North Table Mesa if you’re looking for a relaxed lunch spot that’s away from all of the hustle and bustle of city life, or Pearl street for those who want to be right in the thick of it.

  1. Hiking

The Rocky mountains are never far away from Boulder, and that means amazing hiking trails. i recommend heading to Eldorado Springs or Chautauqua Park for great hikes with some seriously stunning views – plus you’ll get to see Boulder’s famous Flatirons rock formations!

  1. Biking

Another popular pastime is biking, usually done on roads but also on trails if your looking for something a little more difficult than the average hike or stroll along the beachfront paths. there are many places to rent out bikes around town if you’re not sure where to go (and don’t want to bother with bringing your own bike all this way). I would recommend checking out Ring Road or Boulder Creek Path for a great bike ride with tons of places to stop and take in the scenic views.

  1. Rock Climbing

Rock climbing is another huge activity here, and there are some unbelievably high cliffs that can be found all along the Rockies outskirts. I would recommend checking out Eldorado Canyon if you’re looking for more of a challenge and want to stretch your legs on long difficult climbs – or Chautauqua Park for those who want to spend less time challenging themselves on some serious ledges and more time enjoying nature (great views!).

  1. Campus Life

The University of Colorado has its main campus in Boulder CO as well as many smaller schools such as Naropa University (the nation’s only Buddhist-affiliated university), so there is always a buzz of energy surrounding the main campus. There are usually events going on all the time, from art exhibitions to live music and guest speakers.

  1. Farmers Market

Boulder CO has an active city life with many markets selling locally grown goods. Boulder CO boasts one of the oldest farmers market in America, which can be found at 14th street mall – it’s great for browsing local crafts (handmade jewellery) or sampling some fruit and veg straight off the farm!

Boulder CO restaurants

There are many great restaurants in Boulder CO, from small cafes that serve up huge sandwiches to large restaurants with a variety of cuisines under their belt.

  1. Blackbelly Market

Blackbelly Market is a relatively new restaurant in Boulder CO, but has already made its mark on the foodie scene. Serving up a west coast menu with a modern twist, Blackbelly’s has an unusual concept in that it serves small plates which you can mix and match depending on your tastes.

  1. The Kitchen

The Kitchen is a popular restaurant among Boulder CO locals and visitors alike – the only downside being the long wait for a table! Housed in one of Boulder CO’S most iconic buildings (a former church), The Kitchen specializes in international cuisine with influences from Europe, Asia, South America & North America. I recommend trying their daily specials if you’re looking to try something new!

  1. Aji Japanese Restaurant

Aji Japanese Restaurant is another great choice for those looking for some flavorsome Japanese food. With both sushi (my personal favorite) and cooked dishes on offer, Aji has a great menu that can be enjoyed as a casual meal or as an elegant dinner.

  1. The Kitchen Upstairs

The Kitchen Upstairs is another restaurant in Boulder CO serving food with the same high quality as The Kitchen but offering something different as well – this time served at breakfast and lunchtime only! Open for breakfast from 7-11am & lunch from 11:30-2:30pm, their menu changes daily based on what’s fresh and available locally. This restaurant is housed in one of Boulder CO’S original houses but don’t let that fool you into thinking it won’t deliver – the food here is simply fantastic!

  1. Lulu Wilson

Lulu Wilson is a vegetarian/vegan restaurant offering up large plates of meat-free delights. The Lulu Wilson menu is extremely varied and can suit even the pickiest of eaters! There are also plenty of options for those who want to enjoy some dairy and gluten free meals as well, so everyone can enjoy their meal here!

  1. Black Cat Bistro

Black Cat Bistro is the place to go if you’re looking for great food in an intimate & atmospheric setting. This cosy bistro serves classic French dishes with a modern twist, which means it’s not one for purists – but I think they pull off this fusion cuisine really well.

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