Multi Family Painting


Exterior and Interior Painters

Since 2010, Foothills has done several large-scale painting and coating projects along the Front Range, both interior and exterior.  We have done projects in Fort Collins, Boulder or Downtown Denver that have typically focused on colleges and painting dorms or apartments. When working in places such as Loveland, Longmont, Firestone or Lafayette, we are working on projects with families and older adults who are living in apartments or townhomes.

Foothills Painting Approach

  • We set a pre-job walk around with all applicable managers. In this meeting, we take a thorough look at the building and mark all abnormalities. These can be things such as rotting wood, graffiti, unknown pipes and wires, previous paint job overspray, messy caulking, broken windows, and dented downspouts or gutters to name a few.
  • Finalize the exact colors that will be used on the building. Also, finalize the color scheme of the building.
  • Set a date for when the washing will occur.
  • Set a date to paint the multi-family building.
  • Have managers send out letters to every tenant about the projected start date and duration of the project.
  • Create a game plan for our painting team that will get the job done fast and effectively.



How We Paint Multi-Family Homes

  • We respect people’s property and space. This is obvious and simple, but important
  • Communication is crucial. We do this early, often, and continuously. We communicate with the tenants and the managers we are working with, our staff, and anyone else who is involved.
  • Prepare ourselves and our team with more detail and meticulousness than we would with a simple one-family home.

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