How to Tell if Paint Colors Are a Trend or a Staple

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Foothills is dedicated to keeping your northern Denver home or business looking up to date with our residential and commercial painting services! Sometimes trying to stay up to date is tricky, especially when it comes to paint color. The reason for this is because paint color is one of the most volatile aspects of commercial and residential painting. One year, a color or group of colors might be in, and the next, they might be totally out of style. On the other hand, there are some paint colors that have stood the test of time and will continue to stick around. Determining whether or not a paint color will just be a trend or whether it will stick around for a while is tricky. There isn’t much rhyme or reason behind why certain colors fade out of style and why some remain pertinent for years and years. However, we’ll attempt to diagnose what makes a paint color a trend versus a staple!

Test of Time

So what makes a trend/fad/craze? Trends usually burn really hot, really fast. In other words, they are extremely popular for a relatively short period of time, but then they fade out of style. They don’t endure the test of time like more traditional paint colors – which isn’t always a bad thing! Buying into a trend can be fun, especially if you know beforehand, and are ok with the fact that your color choice might only be popular for a few years. One thing to ask yourself before adopting a trendy paint color is if you’d be ok spending money to change your paint once it goes out of style. So, how do you tell a trend? Trust your gut. If you can’t see a paint color remaining popular for over five years, it’s probably a trend!

Bold or Quirky?

Oftentimes, bold or quirky colors exist as trends rather than staples. Take mint for example. Super quirky – and definitely a trend! But to each his own. If you self-identify as bold or quirky, then a paint color trend might be for you! It’s usually safe to say a paint color will be a trend if you would describe it as bold or quirky.

Check the Trends

So you think a paint color might be trending, but you’re not sure. Thankfully there are a lot of resources out there that help identify trends in home decor, home painting, and interior design. Walking through a home decor or furniture store will give you a good idea of what paint colors are in style at the time. However, a more convenient (and probably more accurate) resource for finding paint trends for both interior and exterior residential painting projects would be home painting or decorating blogs. You can make a pretty good bet that if the bloggers are blogging about a paint color, it’s probably trending, as bloggers really are leading the trends in home decor these days.

Play it Safe

Sometimes it’s safe to be a little risky with a trending paint color choice, like small interior details, for example. Maybe think twice before starting a large exterior home painting project with a color that might only be relevant for a few years. At the very least, make sure you’re committed to your decision!

Unsure of where you should implement your trendy color choice? Foothills’ professional Longmont painters would love to help you with a color consultation! Or maybe you’re ready to begin your painting project. In which case, call us today for a quote and get your project started with Foothills!

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