Top Events in Boulder Colorado

Boulder, CO, may be known for its award-winning breweries and outdoor activities, but it’s also a place rich in culture. In fact, the place is a hotbed for events, especially for music festivals. In this article, you’ll discover some of the awesome annual events that happen in Boulder, CO.

Boulder International Film Festival

Boulder International Film Festival, BIFF in short, usually happens every March. It can be argued that BIFF is the biggest festival in Boulder due to the crowd and its reputation. Typically, this festival would gather more than 25,000 people from all over the world, including prestigious movie stars and filmmakers.

Some of the big names that have attended BIFF in the past include Martin Sheen, Oliver Stone, Chevy Chase, James Franco, and Alec Baldwin.

BIFF is a great event for discovering the coolest upcoming films. According to MovieMaker magazine, the BIFF is among the 25 coolest film festivals globally.

Tulip Fairy & Elf Festival

Every April, one of the most magical things in Boulder happens in Pearl Street Mall, and it’s the Tulip Fairy & Elf Festival. This family-friendly event brings flowers to life, and don’t forget about the fairies and elves.

The city lines up more than 15,000 tulips along the walking mall during the event. The flowers are directly imported from Holland. Then, the costumed elves and fairies walk around to “awaken” the lovely flowers.

The kids particularly love all the whimsical entertainments and parade. You can also find plenty of event booths and playful activities to do.

Boulder Bach Festival

Every spring, Boulder celebrates a music festival dedicated to Johann Sebastian Bach. During this time, high-quality musicians flock to Boulder, and you can find them in educational events, concerts, and more. According to the organizers, the Boulder Bach Festival is among the renowned events of its kind in the world.

Boulder Creek Festival

Everyone in Boulder knows about Boulder Creek. In fact, the banks of the creek become a hub for outdoor entertainment during the warm months. Every May, the annual Boulder Creek Fest provides family entertainment and fun for three days (over the Memorial Day Weekend). You’ll find live music, food, dance performances, and more than 500 vendors along the banks of Boulder Creek. There are also talk events typically related to health, tech, arts, and crafts.

The Boulder Creek Festival is one of the most beloved events of the local people, and it’s definitely worth checking out.

Colorado Shakespeare Festival

The Colorado Shakespeare Festival begins in June and continues throughout the summer. At this time, the Mary Rippon Outdoor Theatre will look like it comes from a different time. This annual event is perhaps one of the most remarkable theater experiences as it features professional actors presenting plays from the famous Shakespeare. Furthermore, all of this is presented under a starry night sky. Alternatively, the University Theatre also features the same plays in an indoor setting.

You can immerse yourself further by coming early so you can explore about the production with a free and informational talk about the different plays. You can also stay late, which gives you the chance to talk to the different actors. Furthermore, you may also want to visit the Colorado Shakespeare Gardens, which features plenty of the plants that are found in the writings of Shakespeare.

Hanuman Festival

The Hanuman Festival is one of the top yoga events in the nation. It attracts thousands of health-minded people and yogis each year. The event typically features many yoga instructors coming from different schools. You’ll also find plenty of family-friendly activities, healthy food, and live music. One of the unique features of the event is a legit vendor village and the accompanying groundbreaking leaders from the health, fitness, and wellness industries.

The Hanuman Festival can be enjoyed for free or on a low budget. Of course, you can also spend a bit by taking one of the more intensive yoga classes to help center yourself.

Frequent Flyers Aerial Dance Festival

Not a lot of people know that Boulder is home to one of the world’s top-performing aerial dance companies. Aerial dance is an umbrella term that usually includes dancing in the air, aerial silks, and trapeze.

Every summer in Boulder, the Frequent Flyers Aerial Dance Company hosts an event that displays some of the best aerialists in the world.

Wrapping It All Up

Boulder is a hotbed for many events and festivals. In fact, the list mentioned above is merely the tip of the iceberg. However, it should give you a good idea of the many events and festivals happening in Boulder, CO.

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