4 Painting Services You Didn’t Know You Needed

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Whether you’ve already painted your home or you’re about to start, consider this: there is more to painting than you think. Often, the home’s interior and exterior walls are the only things people take into account when residential painting. Here are 4 additional painting services in Westminster, CO that you didn’t know you needed… but you really do.

Power Washing  

Power washing isn’t usually associated with painting a house, but it’s the first and crucial step to priming your house or deck for paint. It ensures you will get the most out of your paint job by removing dirt, mildew, mold, and other contaminants before you even start painting. On the other hand, power washing can bring your home back to life by restoring your existing paint job. This restoration of your home will not only make it more beautiful, but will immediately increase its curb appeal, and therefore resale value.

Exterior Painting for Protection

Exterior painting is purely aesthetic, right? Wrong – the exterior paint job plays a huge part in how well your home is protected. The exterior of your home takes on wear and tear year-round, and a quality paint job acts as a barrier between your home and the elements. From hot summers, to rainy springs, to freezing winters, you need to ensure that your home is protected from moisture, mildew, dry rot, and other effects of the weather. Your exterior paint job will also help seal your home from insects seeking to escape the outdoors. Whether you just bought a home, or you painted your home years ago, you need to ensure that it’s protected with a quality exterior paint job.


You’ve painted the walls of your kitchen, but something is still missing. Your cabinets are the face of your kitchen – they make it unique, and they are the main pieces that will stand out to your guests. Cabinets with a fresh paint job or stain that complements the room’s existing paint job will bring your kitchen to life. Painting your kitchen cabinets allows you to play with different color combinations that will give your kitchen personality and intrigue. It is important to have a paint job that gives one of the most utilized rooms of your home its own character. Your kitchen’s aesthetic is also a large factor in your home’s resale value, so you need to ensure that your cabinets’ paint job is helping, not hurting your kitchen. This can be a fun DIY project as well!

Small Details

Attention to detail matters. It’s easy to get so caught up in painting the walls of your home that you forget to address the smaller details like your crown molding, window sills, baseboards, and closets. These areas seem minor, but if done right, they will complement and drastically enhance the larger details of your home’s interior paint job in a way that not only sets the mood of your home, but gives it increased value. These little details matter. Think about hiring a professional painter in Westminster to make sure they are done well.

Think your home might need some paint work, but not exactly sure what it needs? We’d love to help you out – just give us a call!

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