4 Underrated Interior Paint Colors for Englewood, CO

4 Underrated Interior Paint Colors For Your Home

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Foothills Painting understands that your home is unique and special to you and your family. If you’re thinking about painting your home’s interior in Englewood, CO, consider a color choice that will highlight just how unique your most personal space is. In the world of interior design, there are definitely some hard and fast dos and don’ts, and following the crowd is often the best – and safest – option. But when it comes to painting your home, you can afford to experiment with less conventional colors. Sure, you have your safe and popular options of paint color, like white, blue, and neutrals, but what about the less conventional colors? We thought we’d take some time to love on the underdogs and highlight four underrated interior paint colors that we think would look great in your home.


Purple can be polarizing; people usually either love it or hate it. However, everyone can agree that purple is eccentric. Whether you want to jazz up your home with a small project, or paint an entire room, purple is flexible. Depending on the shade, purple can be used in a variety of different ways and in many different rooms. Don’t want to follow the crowd and paint your bedroom blue? Consider a moody purple like violet. Violet is deep without being dark, so it will have the same relaxing effect in your bedroom that blue would. Maybe you have a large room with a lot of natural light. A light shade of purple like lavender is a unique and refreshing choice that can be used on entire walls or for detailing – on crown molding for instance. However you use purple in your home, one thing is for sure – you’ll be part of the brave few who do!


It’s hard not to feel happy when you’re looking at yellow. Yellow is extremely adaptable in interior painting because it can be bold without being overpowering, or light without being boring. Whatever shade of yellow you choose, it’s sure to set a happy and cheerful tone in the room you use it in. Yellow is great for accent walls if you want to add a splash of color to a room without undertaking a huge painting project. A deep yellow would probably be the best option if you’re going that route, however. All in all, your home will become more welcoming and cheerful with a dose of yellow.


Green is seriously underrated in interior painting. We think of green as blue’s little brother. If you’re going for the tranquil feel of blue, but still want to be unique, consider green. The color of healing, green is a soothing color choice that would be great in any room that you want to make feel peaceful. It can create a more traditional mood in lighter shades, or a more eccentric and bold mood in darker shades.


Orange often gets a bad wrap for being obnoxious. This is fair. But we think a deeper, calmer orange like burnt orange looks great in homes! If you’re thinking about repainting a room in your home, consider this color. Burnt orange is welcoming without being too stimulating, and it works for entire rooms or in small amounts. We’d suggest burnt orange in rooms where you want guests to feel welcomed and cozy, like the living room or dining room, but the choice is yours!

Unique colors can be tricky to pull off. We can help!

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These four color choices are underrated and sometimes tricky to pull off. If you’re unsure about how to implement a unique color in your home, our professional painters would be more than happy to help you with color choices. We have been painting houses and businesses in the Englewood, Colorado area for almost 20 years, and specialize in excellent customer service and quality work. Give us a call if you’re ready to get your painting project started!

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