An interior paint is not a tough task, but like everything else you should follow some ground rules. In this article, we will help with some of these rules so you can make quick work and well done. Moreover, changing the color of a wall can transform a room. Despite being a very simple process, the right color can leave your home with a more modern and cozy look. If you are in doubt which color to choose to transform your home, follow the advice of the color consultant. They will know the best way to get your painting process started.

Getting Started: Before you start painting

The advisable that before any change, you need to learn a little about colors because each has a different frequency. I.e., whether hot or cold colors, they provide various stimuli. “The warm colors tend to make us happy, spend energy, strength, whereas cold colors calm and relax. For example, if we think of a room where the purpose is to sleep, rest and recover the energy expended throughout the day, the most interesting would be to use higher frequency colors. Such as blue, green and violet in soft tones or neutral colors like grays and browns, as we seek a stimulus to relax our body and soul, “says Márcio. If you innovate and search in the living room colors or kitchen walls, the lowest frequency of colors such as red, orange or yellow, convey other sensations. “Warm colors carry energy, creativity, socialization, appetite, and thus indicated to enhance the proposed environment. The furniture, in general, should match the choice of colors, also within the same guidelines, “he adds. It is advisable to merge neutral walls with colorful furniture and bright walls with neutral tones to avoid tired looking. “It is essential to balance many colors not to overload the view,” he explains.

Selecting the color combination

To choose the ideal color, you need to assess what will be the room where you will make the change. “In dining areas, such as kitchens and dining rooms, color reddish, orange and yellow tones whet your appetite. However, because it is a residential property, painting all the walls of the red kitchen is adamant. In this case, the resident can choose to keep the other walls in the same white. If a wall is painted in darker, like brown, to break the seriousness, it is also good to use neutral tones such as sand or raw, “advises the architect.

According to Márcio, darker colors can create the sensation of decreased environment while the lighter cause spacious illusion. “However, one may paint a wall or ceiling with darker colors or more colors energy. The important thing is to keep a balance and not err on the side of white walls that create great counterpoint with dark walls, “he explains.

Selecting the ideal wall

Ligia advises that you should think carefully before choosing which wall will achieve a unique tone: “The wall that should receive accent color must preferably be the most significant wall, not necessarily the largest. In bedrooms, usually, we keep the colored wall behind the look of the resident, the headboard. And in toilets and washrooms, the highlight with the wall can be which is behind the sink. The same goes for the kitchen.

“Vintage Furniture X colored walls

If you have furniture in vintage or retro style, care must be taken not to let an environmental overloaded. “Preferably, do not utilize the same color as the walls with the color of furniture, such as red chair and red wall. The result will not be desirable, “says the expert. Loggia gives an essential tip for those who do not know how to combine the colors of the furniture with the walls: “For painted furniture such as coffee tables and table chairs, try to have the furniture largest in neutral tones, like the sofa and the carpet.

Color trend

The choice of colors always depends on personal taste. However, some tones are highlighted in particular periods due to the season. The architect says that for young people, the idea is to look more cheerful colors as consistent with the phase of the energy of the audience.

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