What The Color of Your Interior Paint Says About You

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Thinking about painting a room? Our homes say a lot about us, and the colors we choose are one of the biggest factors in how our homes feel. Yes, your own personal color preference is most important in your own home, but have you ever considered what the color of your interior paint says to your guests?

Color is a Tool

It’s amazing to think that color can affect the mood in a room, but it’s true! Color is a useful design tool that can drastically alter your home. Not only can color set the mood, but it can also make large rooms feel intimate or small rooms feel spacious. So, are you having guests over soon? The color of your home’s interior paint will actually be communicating to your guests. But what is it saying?

Color Psychology

The majority of colors can be categorized as either warm or cool colors. Warm colors like reds, yellows, and oranges tend to express comfort, hospitality, and kindness, while cool colors like blues, purples, and greens express calmness, relaxation, and peace. This is a bit general, so what does each color actually say to your guests? Here’s what some of the most common interior paint colors are suggesting to the people in the room:

Red – Reds will give your room a sense of bold energy and excitement.

Yellow – Yellows are usually associated with happiness and cheer.

Blue – Blues will give off feelings of calmness and serenity.

Green – Greens suggest tranquility and harmony.

White – White will make the room feel clean and spacious.

Gray – Gray will have a neutral feel.

Brown – Browns imply stability and reliability.

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Determine The Functions of Your Rooms

Now that you know a bit about color psychology, you can pick colors for rooms based on the functions you want those rooms to serve. Want your living room to feel warm, cozy, and welcoming to your guests? Try a deep red or brown. Want your kitchen looking spick and span? Maybe go with white. Fall asleep peacefully by giving the bedroom a soft blue. There are no wrong choices! It’s all up to you to determine the functions you want each room to serve, and what mood you want them to portray to your guests, but more importantly to you!

We’re Here to Help

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