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Project Post: Residential Painting Job Fort Collins CO

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Foothills Painting, Fort Collins loves keeping our readers informed on our painting jobs in northern Colorado! Every so often, we like to show off a little and share projects that we’re especially proud of. This project post is on an exterior residential painting service provided for a client in Fort Collins. It is an example of a quality exterior paint job on a medium-sized housing complex. Foothills does both large and small projects! This particular project was completed by Foothills’ largest team in four days.

This before image highlights our professional painters preparing the building for a new coat of paint with a pressure wash to remove any dirt, grime, or buildup that could be harmful for the new paint job. This step is always included in any of our exterior painting projects.

This after image shows the effect that a Foothills paint job can have on your home or business. The tan and brown color scheme makes the building more welcoming and lively than before. The brown trim is neat and tidy as well. Not only does this new paint job improve the look and feel of the building, but it makes the landscaping look better as well.

This view reinforces the amount of painting that our team was able to accomplish in four days.

Whether you’re thinking about a painting project, or you’re already certain about the painting project you want to start, Foothills would love to assist you with any of your painting needs. Our professional painters have mastered the balance of quality painting and excellent customer service within the commercial and residential painting worlds. With Foothills, you can expect professional work, timely work, and no surprises. Call us today for a free quote and get your painting project started!

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