Transform Outdated Ugly Painting in Greeley CO, Foothills Painting

Transform Outdated Ugly Painting

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Foothills Painting loves keeping homes and businesses in northern Denver up to date! A big part of staying up to date is routine maintenance and updates, but we understand that updates to your home or business aren’t always possible. However, going too long without maintenance work or an update can lead to your home or business becoming outdated – or worse, ugly. If this has happened to you, don’t fear: Foothills’ professional painting contractors in Greeley are more than capable of transforming the outdated parts of your home or business into current and good looking spaces.

Healthy Paint

Often the exterior paint is the most recognizable indication of your home or business being outdated. We can boil this potential problem down into two categories: outdated physically and outdated stylistically. The physical condition of your home’s exterior paint job is more important than you might think. Not only does weathered paint look bad, but it fails to protect and seal your home the way the original paint job was designed to. Don’t know what to look for in terms of physical deterioration? Our painters would love to assist you in inspecting your home or business’ exterior paint job. Any chipping, cracking, or molding paint should be fixed with a new coat of paint. Foothills will provide you with advice you can trust when it comes to whether or not you should repaint your home or business due to physical deterioration. If you do need a new paint job, Foothills would love to help you with it.

Out of Style

Even if your exterior paint is healthy, it might just be out of style! We’ve been painting homes and businesses for quite a while, so we know the “in colors.” We also know how paint color affects homes. If you’re not sure if your exterior paint job is out of style, our painters can answer that question for you! Picking an exterior paint color for your home or business is an important decision that can affect your home’s curb appeal or your revenue. If you know that your paint job could use an update but you’re not sure what color would be the best choice, our painters would love to assist you with a color consultation.

Interior Upgrade

The interior of your home or business is just as important as the exterior, and the paint job in both settings is a huge contributing factor to how you view your space and how guests and employees view it. An outdated or ugly living room just isn’t fun to look at, let alone sit in. Foothills’ contractors can transform any outdated area in your home into a welcoming and engaging space for both you and your guests. When it comes to your business, you need a current interior paint job. An outdated interior paints a horrible picture of your business. Not only does it bore employees, leading to decreased production, it looks terrible to customers who enter your office space. The last thing you want is for a potential customer to think that your business is behind the times because of its interior paint job. If you need an interior paint job transformation for your business, our contractors would be a great choice. We are experienced at working in commercial settings, and have mastered the balance of completing quality work without disturbing our customers’ office operations.

If you think your home or business could use an updated paint job, feel free to contact our painters. We specialize in excellent customer service, clear communication, and quality painting service!

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