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Exterior Painting Process

A process designed around your experience.


Free Estimate

After requesting a quote from Foothills Painting, our Office Manager schedules an in-home estimate around your schedule. Precise measurements are taken, and our estimating software accurately calculates the cost of labor and materials on-site, meaning you’ll receive your estimate the same day!


Color Selection & Schedule

With an approved estimate, clients move into the color selection process. We can source or match colors from any manufacturer and in certain locations we have professional Color Consultants available to support you in your color decision. Color testing further helps homeowners visualize results to ensure a confident choice. Our Office Manager works with you to select the best dates for painting of your home based around your schedule.


Prep, Paint, Clean-up

Preparation is key to beautiful, long-lasting results, and our professional crews at Foothills Painting are rigorous during the prep stage of painting.  When painting begins, each layer is applied in accordance with the manufacturer’s best practices for both the type of paint and your home’s material. This prevents premature peeling & cracking and ensures beautiful, long-lasting results! Once the final topcoat is fully dry, site clean-up begins. All tape, tarps, and coverings are removed and disposed of, any hardware is re-installed, and your re-painted home is ready to be lived in!


Final Walk-through

Your Project Manager accompanies you on a final quality check to ensure our highest quality standards are met — and that your expectations are exceeded!