Choosing the Best Paint Finish for Cabinets in Fort Collins

The Perfect Finish: A Guide to Cabinet Painting in Fort Collins, CO

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Choosing the correct paint finish is important for cabinet painting in Fort Collins. The right finish enhances durability and the aesthetic appeal of your cabinets.

Gloss Finish: The Ups and Downs

A gloss finish is durable and easy to clean, making it a popular choice in busy Fort Collins kitchens. However, gloss finishes will highlight any imperfections in your cabinets, so they must be in excellent condition for the best results.

Semi-Gloss: A Balanced Option in Fort Collins

Semi-gloss finishes are a balance between satin and gloss. They offer some sheen without making imperfections too visible, making them an excellent choice for older cabinets or for those who want a subtler shine.

Satin Finish: The Understated Elegance

If you’re going for a bit less shine and a little more modern look in your Fort Collins home, a satin finish may be the right choice. However, satin finishes can be harder to clean, so they may not be the best choice for high-traffic areas.

How to Make the Final Decision

When deciding on a paint finish for your cabinets in Fort Collins, consider the amount of natural light in your kitchen, how much wear and tear your cabinets will face, and the existing decor. Often, mixing finishes—glossy uppers with satin lowers, for example—can also be an effective approach.

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