The Best Eco Friendly Paints to use in Denver, CO

The Best Eco Friendly Paints

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Foothills Painting is excited about the new era emerging in paint technology. Yes, that’s right, there is technology in paint design and we’re nerds about paint technology. Prior advances focused on reducing price while improving quality and durability. Now, some companies are creating eco-friendly paint. We believe these carbon-neutral, non-toxic, sustainable paints can revolutionize the industry. At Foothills Painting we’ve worked hard to become top-ranked painters along the Front Range. For the past 11 years we’ve been painting interiors and exteriors in northern Denver areas Fort Collins, Westminster, Loveland, Longmont, Boulder, Brookfield, Arvada, and everywhere in between. All of our jobs are done with a commitment to quality and strong customer satisfaction. While we’ll always put our customer’s needs first, we are advocates for environmentally friendly painting practices and want to highlight some of the most promising advances in sustainable painting.

Graphene Infused Carbon Neutral Paint

The company Graphenstone took natural lime-based paint (renowned for being breathable and absorbing smells, but not strong enough for commercial purposes) and infused it with graphene – a material 200 times stronger than steel and non-toxic. The result? Strong, durable, eco-friendly paint where just four gallons absorbs as much CO2 as an adult tree in a year. Imagine the environmental benefit of using millions of gallons of this CO2 absorbing paint every year. In addition to absorbing CO2, this paint also has conductive qualities that help to regulate a house’s temperature, reducing the need for heating and cooling. 

Paint that Cools Your House

 If you want to make your house invisible, we suggest Vantablack paint – AKA the darkest material ever made that absorbs over 99.5% of light. We’re mostly joking about the Vantablack, but if you want a practical, eco-friendly paint that can cool try ultra-white paint designed by Purdue University researchers. This paint can keep surfaces nearly 20 degrees cooler than their surroundings by reflecting almost all light. The Purdue researchers estimate if painted onto a roof the cooling effect would be greater than most air-conditioners. It may not be the best option for our north-facing friends in Poudre Canyon who probably want more sunlight, but if your house is always hot this light-reflecting paint could be a huge benefit. Look for this cool, cool paint technology to be commercially available in the next few years.

Green Paint

Not green-colored paint (though we definitely have that!), this refers to non-toxic paint called “green paint” in the industry. Some paints today are petroleum or oil-based and contain volatile organic compounds (VOCs). These VOCs can have harmful health and environmental effects, particularly when they’re still wet and off-gassing. Green paint is a non-toxic alternative made from milk, plants, and other natural materials. Water-based paints are usually low-VOCs making them a preferred choice for indoor use. However, there are also no-VOC paints produced by prominent manufacturers like Behr and Sherwin-Williams that some may consider if they’re particularly sensitive or have other health concerns. Aside from making green paint, other companies, like COAT Paints, are opting to go green by using recycled packaging, reducing waste, streamlining logistics, and becoming carbon neutral.

Bottom Line

Eco-friendly paint is here to stay. Paints that can absorb carbon, cool your house, and lack toxic chemicals are good for consumers and the environment. And businesses combating climate change are becoming more and more common. Look, even NASCAR professionals started focusing attention on climate change. Foothills Painting will always prioritize customer satisfaction, and we think that eco-friendly painting in Denver, CO can be accomplished without sacrificing quality or service.

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